Pick a Style, Blog with Class

“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.” – Jon Morrow

From a written form to a visual form, blogging has changed amazingly over the last couple of decades. Used originally as a diary of sorts, it grew and matured into a globally shared experience of human interaction. Whether the blog be about politics, science, or even art, blogs let people share their own experiences with people willing to read it, which could be anyone considering the vastness of the web.

?????????????????????????Some of the most popular bloggers “trending at the moment (textual or visual) seem to be those that have some sort of entertainment factor, whether it be that they add a bit of humor or write/vlog in a way that seems very… human. There are informative blogs and journals that focus on details and facts, produced in a way that leaves little room for personalisation.

This blog in particular will be factual, but like all other blogs of it’s kind, it will have a bit of the writers personality (so it feels more like a conversation rather than a news piece). And above all, blog with confidence!

Another aspect of a successful blog is its linkability.  Is it something that will inspire others to join the conversation or even add to your opinions in their own blog? Does it have any enjoyable aspects that people will want to share with their friends?

Choose some fonts and a colour scheme that will compliment the main topics of your blogAdd a picture or two to each entry, have an eye-catching header, perhaps even have some content in the sidebar; basically, have something for the readers to look at. You have to be appealing with your visuals as you might lose personability of human interaction.

So, how will I blog?


As a goal, I plan to use the quote by Jon Morrow as a guide to keeping this blog as interesting as possible. As someone who has experienced a specific blogging scene, it will be a challenge, but not something I will back down from so easily.

Some blogging strategies include:

  1. Write thought provoking articles but at the same time, be relatable to your audience.
  2. Be confident with what you say and try to get your point across in the first 200 words.
  3. Have a visually stunning blog in order to compliment the main topics.

As much as I’d like to draw in an audience from all walks of life, I feel that people in their mid to late twenties (the people I relate to most) will be the target audience for this blog. I’ll be the blogger they deserve, but not the one they need right now. I’m a quiet observer, a vigilant writer. A night blogger.

Until next time, thanks for reading.
Would you kindly mention (in the comments below) what blogs inspire you?

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6 Responses to Pick a Style, Blog with Class

  1. Louisa Newsham says:

    There are not many blogs that I follow religously, however the first that comes to mind is ‘Single Dad laughing’ (http://www.danoah.com/). Whos name suggests that the blog is centred on humour and (or single parenthood?), however the topics focus on thought provoking self refection, and in turn, challenges normalised concepts of ethics, culture and religion. His wit compliments the otherwise indepth/serious topics to deliver a wholesome yet entertaining read.

  2. Nissa says:

    I don’t follow any blogs, only because it’s hard to find the time to search for the good ones that I can honestly relate to. I picture the blogging industry as similar to the music industry, it’s incredibly large and hard to get yourself heard. Plus, I respond better to audio-visuals so a sneaky video wouldn’t do any harm 🙂

  3. Shane C says:

    Back when I used to blog regularly, I took my influences (as far as writing style goes) from the writing staff at Pajiba.com, Seanbaby (late of Cracked), film critics Mark Kermode, Pauline Kael, and Roger Ebert, and as much of my own voice as I could.

  4. Hi there. I enjoyed reading your blog- I definitely agree with a lot of the content you mentioned about what makes a good blog and think you are right that the trend for a lot of blogs now is heading towards vlogs. I would suggest using some imagery/ videos to break up the writing. From the way you write I think you are blogging with confidence already but I find a good way to feel more confident with my writing is to practice, even if it is writing about what you had for lunch that day. I look forward to reading your thoughts in your next post 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    Have you heard about that blogger who destroyed the dudes life when he dumped her over text? THOSE are the blogs I dislike!

  6. A key aspect in an successful blog or article is being digestible. Having your lead content (first 200 words or so as you mention) drag people in is effective, but then the remaining content should be easy to snaffle up in chunks (and yes, even skipped if needed). Cracked is one of my personal favourites, not just for their mix of informative and entertaining content, but because I can blitz through it to find the information I’m actually interested in.

    Good luck!

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