Telstra and You

In my previous blogs, I have mentioned the many incredible uses for Enterprise 2.0 and how  many companies have been utilising it. Products have improved with the input of the company supporters (or customers), communication between the businesses and their clients have been much more informative and personal, and even making and distributing products has improved.

This issue involves another kind of social networking strategy involving services that help the business internally and sells services rather than products.

Their social media platforms show customer services and sales and marketing functions as in the McKinsey model.


Customer Support

Using twitter provides asynchronous interaction between the company and it’s customer base. Their twitter page @Telstra  is monitored 24×7 so that support questions can be tracked and addressed immediately. By using Twitter as a platform for communication and support, clients are offered the tech support they need in a more simple and easy method of communication.


This is utilising the technology of Web 2.0 at it’s best. It was once a case where a customer would be on hold for hours to get a simple answer (if they weren’t able to see them in person), which is known to be very irritating. Even sending emails was a hassle as there were issues with getting back to the customer (which some were left with no response).

Using twitter however shows their capability to answer a question that is public as quickly as possible. The quicker they are, the more reliable they seem as a team.

Marketing and Sales

With 6,316 subscribers on YouTube, they use their TelstraCorp channel to advertise and market products to people.  In the spotlight they feature their biggest new products like their newest customer service app, along with movies, entertainment, and culture among others.

12332 - Copy

One of the more newer services they have been advertising is Telstra DOT (Digital Office Technology). Of their most recent videos, there have been eight videos explain what the service does, how it is used, and short case studies that demonstrate the benefits in specific contexts (eg. small businesses).


When it comes to support functions, how has it been beneficial to you? Does the improvement from phone to online support help you in any way or would you stick to their call services?

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One Response to Telstra and You

  1. ciarron says:

    I made use of their online chat room service the other evening. It certainly reduces the ambiguity that has plagued “call centers” in the past. The process is very streamlined and you have a number of options available to you.

    One that I found that yo may like to look into is the huge emphasis that Telstra places on its “crowd sourcing” of information FAQ’s. Instead of them all being written by Telstra, a large number of consumers share their experiences and help others to resolve similar issues to their own.

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