Social Monitoring: Not as Creepy as you’d think

It is really important that a company gets involved with it’s customer base. I mention that in every post involving business marketing strategies, and it might be getting old, but I need to express how important it is. The best way to further your reputation is to work with the customers.


Most of the past examples I’ve mentioned has involved talking to the customers almost directly: asking open questions on a facebook page or even helping out through private messaging. But what if it weren’t so direct? What if there were people complaining about a company’s goods or services on a site where they wouldn’t see it?

Well, that’s where Social Monitoring Tools come in! When you want to keep up with what people are saying about your company/products, finding a good Social Monitoring Tool is a good place to start.

To look into this amazing process, we’ll be monitoring Valve.


Known for the great games it puts out, Valve is an American based video game development company that strives to improve it’s products and keep the customers satisfied. The majority of it’s client base are digital natives as the main platform is a computer based gaming portal called Steam.

Because of this, any reviews – good or bad – are usually easy to find online. If there are any complaints on a public forum, it would be easy enough to find and help either the person with their problem or improve the product itself. To find these, we’ll be using in order to find tweets and such that relate to the company.


By simply typing “Valve” into their search, it brings up how often it is mentioned – on public forums like twitter, journal articles, videos, etc. – in different time periods.


Never has it been easier to find the conversations about your organisation than it is now with social media. In this screenshot, we see the ability to see the most recent posts about the search tag (Past Hour/x Day/s), see all posts in relation to the searched keyword, or even set a time period (Specific Range).

It even allows users to select which form of media they would like to see. From a tweet to a video, there are many different forms of media which the user can specify.

It even has a graph that shows the days they were trending over the past 30 days. The keyword “Valve” seemed to peak a few times recently when they released the Steam OS. Hovering over the points allows the user to see how many tweets were made on that day and also show the most popular tweets of that point.  The top bar also allows two more keywords/phrases as a basic search.

With features such as these, it is worth getting an account for your own business (no personal accounts are allowed) to keep up with trends. It may be useful when creating a new product or a product similar to another. Using this site will be able to track the popularity of products and ideas, and it would be fairly easy to utilise.

So have you heard of Social Monitoring before? Can it help you, and if so how?

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4 Responses to Social Monitoring: Not as Creepy as you’d think

  1. Brant Smith says:

    Nice post.

    Do you think Topsy is one of the best monitoring tools? If so, why? If not, what do you believe is the best monitoring tool?

    • themandee says:

      Thanks for commenting, Brant.
      Out of the monitoring tools I have looked through and tried out, Topsy is by far my favourite (hence why I wrote about it).
      What’s your favourite monitoring tool?

  2. ciarron says:

    Does Topsy charge for its services? Does it offer an incremental pay system, with increasing benefits of membership the more you pay? Or is there no discernable advantage of using another paid service when compared to Topsy’s products?

  3. Katie says:

    Social monitoring sounds like a super excellent idea. I do a lot of Public Relations type subjects and we’re always touching on the effects of social media and how easy it is to get out of hand- but with a tool like this social monitoring and feedback would be so much easier!

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