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Social Monitoring: Not as Creepy as you’d think

It is really important that a company gets involved with it’s customer base. I mention that in every post involving business marketing strategies, and it might be getting old, but I need to express how important it is. The best … Continue reading

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Telstra and You

In my previous blogs, I have mentioned the many incredible uses for Enterprise 2.0 and how  many companies have been utilising it. Products have improved with the input of the company supporters (or customers), communication between the businesses and their … Continue reading

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Invisible Children: How to become viral in a week

So far I have been blogging about companies that strongly profit from having an online customer base. Utilising Enterprise 2.0 has helped a lot of businesses get out there and become well known. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, … Continue reading

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Amy’s Baking Company: A social media catastrophe

Getting a business off the ground is a difficult thing to do, but once successful, it can be very rewarding. There will always be problems; the whole journey of owning a business is overcoming any obstacle that you may face … Continue reading

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ThinkGeek: Marketing “Nerd” to the Masses

As the technological world develops, everything else must develop with it. So when it comes to e-commerce, the social technology advancement was the biggest thing to affect businesses today. As stated in the McKinsey report, there are five main organisational … Continue reading

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Wikinomics: A Love Story

Two companies, both alike in strategy, On the internet, where we lay our scene, From ancient tactics to new alchemy, Where their feedback makes their objective seen. A parody of Shakespeare (The first four lines of “Romeo and Juliet”, rewritten by … Continue reading

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Pick a Style, Blog with Class

“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.” – Jon Morrow From a written form to a visual form, blogging has changed amazingly over the last couple of decades. Used originally as a diary … Continue reading

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